In recent years, more than 2 million high school graduates enroll into a two-year or four-year college annually. It is no surprise that college admissions are becoming and more and more competitive. Experts at Edlinguist Solutions specialize in college admissions and know first-hand what colleges are looking for and how admissions and financial aid decisions are made. This knowledge informs our consultants’ comprehensive approach to college planning that focuses on building professional experience while in school, which has been a great success for our clients in landing profitable career opportunities after graduation.

When you meet with us for educational consulting, our Edlinguist Solutions consultants will discuss your child’s:

  • Current work, school, and out-of-school academic, volunteer, and extracurricular experiences
  • College and career goals
  • High and low-end majors and schools
  • Strategies to afford college, including expected out-of-pocket expenses, financial goals, and financial challenges