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Customizable learning solutions for revamping personal and professional development

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What We Do

Edlinguist Solutions is a minority woman-owned small business consultancy. Our certified dissertation coaches and consultants use the research-validated Edlinguist Solutions System to test, change, and adapt solutions to meet our clients’ needs. By combining our expertise in education and applied linguistics, Edlinguist offers a competitive, technology-driven alternative to traditional education models so that learners feel empowered to drive their own lifelong personal and professional development within and beyond institutions.






Facilitate learning and projects the Edling Way using an agile approach to turn ideas into action.

Our Approach

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Edlinguist Solutions utilizes a research-validated system to test, change, and adapt solutions to meet our clients’ needs. This allows us to approach non-linear situations in systematic ways to better understand and manage complexities.

How We Are Different


Award-winning woman and minority owned small business, recognized for success every year since our first year in business

Our change approach begins with where individuals are as learners first, aligning people with all process improvement

We use qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis in everything we do internally and externally

We bring our “Just and Joyful Collaboration” mantra to life with our clients, serving as a trusted partner and not just a vendor

Our team/about/#team has Big Four consulting experienced staff, current and retired educators from all levels, higher education administrators, ICF-certified coaches, and PMP-certified project managers

Areas of Expertise

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High Performance Coaching

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Program Evaluation

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Mixed-Methods Research Design & Analysis

Project Management

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Reliable Dissertation Coaches

Transformational Leadership


A weekly curated email of our team’s musings on education and what we can do to make our individual and collective worlds better by honoring cultural and linguistic diversity.