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Trying to finish on your own, but overwhelmed by what you have left to do to earn your doctorate?

Does this match your current struggle?

Ahead of the curve, with desires to get PhinisheD in record time

You’re having difficulty finishing — or perhaps even starting — your research project or dissertation

Overwhelmed with how long it is taking

Don’t know how you will squeeze in the time to analyze data or write

Feel isolated from other graduate students

Unsure of what to do next

When it’s time to write, you always find something else to do

If you answered yes to any of the above, then we invite you to join the Grad Student Success Program to get the support you need and gain clarity about what to do next! To participate, you should be enrolled in a doctoral program where you have to write a dissertation in order to receive your terminal degree (e.g., DBA, EdD, LPD/DLP, PhD).

The Graduate Student Success Program
Will Help You

Stay focused

Celebrate important milestones along the way

Reduce anxiety

Achieve your goals

Gain clarity

Make progress every day


Gain confidence in dissertation/academic writing

What You’ll Receive With the Graduate Student Success Program

Daily Accountability

We set goals, co-create deadlines, and hold you accountable, motivating you to take action.

Coach & Peer Support

With individualized help, group coaching, and expert guidance, you’ll complete your dissertation in record time.

Weekly Live Sessions

Weekly “how to” events, where you bring a research/writing problem you’re struggling with, and have it solved. We teach you step-by-step how to write a coherent lit review, analyze data, fix your APA/MLA formatting, and more!

BONUS: APA Audit and Corrective Action

The American Psychological Association (APA) style guide is now in its 7th edition. Many students do not have their in-text citations and/or references up-to-date and this kind of minutiae eats up a lot of important research and writing time. As a benefit, you will be able to have an expert provide an APA audit of one of your documents AND fix all errors.

Why You Need to Get Started

To help you finish faster, we provide:

Expertise with the requirements of most traditional and all major online universities

Institutional Review Board (IRB) pro-tips for quicker approvals

Comprehensive support for all methodologies, specializing in qualitative and mixed-method approaches

Ninja-like navigation through the various stages of the research and writing process

Document reviews, where we combine light editing with structural feedback

Customized techniques to meet your specific needs and accelerate your success

A price almost too good to be true with A MONEY BONUS returned to you once you complete your goals on time

Why the Grad Student Success Program Works

Such a simple idea: write a little bit every day, tell the group your goals for tomorrow, and report on your progress. But almost magically, I got more writing done in 30 days than I had in the previous 60 or even 90. I don't think there's a better investment you can make in completing your degree.

Ray, 5th year PhD CandidateMIT

Before I chose a graduate program, I consulted with Dr. Adams and in 30 minutes she gave me all the information I needed to help me decide where to get my degree, for free! I joined the Get PhinisheD Program right away and was able to graduate sooner than other people in my program because in four years I knew exactly what to do, how to do it, and Dr. Adams held me accountable to get it PhD-Done, as she likes to say.

Daniel, Ph.D. Graduate in 3 yearsUniversity of New Mexico

The Time is Now

This is not a video course. There is no Facebook group you need to join. You will not need to read anyone else’s work. Stop delaying what you have to get done.

Finally, finish your dissertation with Edlinguist in a comprehensive coaching program that will hold you accountable and make sure you finish your degree in record time!