At Edlinguist Solutions, we incorporate Agile and Lean principles. We are oriented toward process improvement, which inspires us to test, change, and quickly adapt to meet our clients’ needs. The Edlinguist Solutions System allows us to approach non-linear situations in systematic ways that help us understand and manage education and public health complexities.


Discovery is the most important component of the Edlinguist Solutions System. This is where we get to the heart of your challenge(s) and collaborate with you to fully understand the gap between where you are in your current condition and where you’d like to be with your desired outcomes.


Once we establish a viable pathway of discovery, we proceed to map the course to achieve the goals we set at the beginning. Through this mapping process, we incorporate multiple perspectives that may inspire different actions and techniques to get you to your desired results. Mapping helps us chart our way through the complexities at the onset of our work together and provides us with an accountability framework. As with any map built before travelling, the terrain will have some unforeseen developments, which we track and account for as we devise solutions.

Devise Solutions

This is where our consultants and coaches use what what was mapped to create customized solutions. The solutions we co-construct with feedback from our clients goes hand in hand with our work in sprint cycles, where we regularly devise solutions, inspect, and adapt as needed to produce higher quality outcomes.


Whichever service we provide, implementation of the solutions we create are at the heart of what we do. What makes our process unique is that we deliver in iterations and work in sprint cycles to help you achieve your goals in record time.

Reflect & Refine

Reflecting on what is working well and what needs to be improved is a key part of our accountability process. Critical examination through reflection informs how we improve processes to help you attain your desired outcomes. Continuous reflection, based on all phases of the Edlinguist Solutions System, informs our systematic approach.