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At Edlinguist Solutions, we integrate research-validated methods with a tailored approach to deliver measurable outcomes. If you’re in a graduate program where you have to write a thesis or dissertation, please remember: you and your research are important. You may be feeling like the odds are stacked against you since over half of all doctoral students fail to complete their degree; even fewer thrive and publish while in grad school; and, most leave with debt and no job in sight. The answer to the question of “Why this degree?” becomes more and more important as the clock in your program continues to tick. We’re here to help you set and surpass your goals, hold you accountable, and produce the best result: a completed dissertation so that you can finally #getPhDone or FinishEd.D.

Accountability. Mastery. Productivity.

AMP up your results and finish your dissertation with Edlinguist. With Edlinguist Solutions, we offer one-on-one or small-group coaching services to help clients finish their research projects or dissertation in record time. Our nationally recognized Graduate Student Success Program helps students complete their research and writing projects in half the time. If you are a graduate student trying to finish on your own but are overwhelmed, then we can help.

Research-Validated Solutions

Our coaching approach is informed by the research-validated Edlinguist Solutions System where your coach helps you identify and eliminate roadblocks, holds you accountable daily and weekly, and teaches you how to use tools that save you time. Join us to jump-start your productivity with consistent accountability and high-performance coaching.

In the video below, Edlinguist’s Founder Dr. LaNysha Adams, explains the benefits of coaching.

Key Benefits of Coaching with Edlinguist

academic life coaching

Create a traction plan for success

Get clear and focused on the goals and milestones with dates for every component you have left to complete

academic coaching services

Achieve your academic goals

Tap into the courage, strength, and confidence to overcome any remaining challenges and with your coach, you will have accountability + mastery + productivity to achieve your results.

Reignite passion in your process

Remember the essence of what’s motivating you to finish and remove beliefs that are sabotaging you from moving forward

Clients From These Universities

I have been ABD for 6 years and after moving out-of-state with my wife and kids, I could never get the ball rolling to finish. In one semester, I was able to get a rough draft of my dissertation DONE. I shared with my committee and now I am using the project management techniques I learned to apply for jobs. My defense is scheduled in May and I cannot wait to be Ph.Done!

Joshua, 8th year PhD CandidateUniversity of New Mexico

I wrote more than half of my thesis contents in just three weeks. I loved seeing green checks everyday and the group’s comments kept me going.

Erica, MA Graduate in 1.5 yearsUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore

More Than Dissertation Coaching

If you’re struggling to finish college as an undergraduate student or need to strategize about finding the best graduate school option, then we invite you to schedule a complimentary coaching session.