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We believe in Empowerment through Learning to create a new model of education.

In 2006, after receiving many ad-hoc requests to conduct training and design workshops applying linguistics to fields such as K-12 education and technology, LaNysha Adams created Initially, Edlinguist was a sole-proprietor venture that housed LaNysha’s teaching portfolio, crowdsourced lesson plans, and an interactive blog. As the site’s traffic picked up and averaged over 800 visitors per week consistently for 10 years, Dr. Adams’ research focus kept coming back to the rapidly changing fact that nearly one in ten public school students are English Learners, representing a 50% increase over the past decade. After serving as an educator in public high school, workforce, university, legislative, and state education agency settings, Dr. Adams was inspired to create an entity that would profitably prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in its innovative efforts to improve educational outcomes for our most under-resourced children.

Our ego is never bigger than our humanity.

Dr. LaNysha AdamsEdlinguist Solutions, Founder

In 2016, Edlinguist Solutions was launched as a minority, woman-owned limited liability corporation headquartered in Maryland with its first office in Washington, DC. By combining our expertise in education and applied linguistics, Edlinguist offers a competitive, technology-driven alternative to traditional education models so that learners feel empowered to drive their own lifelong personal and professional development within and beyond institutions.

Our current client roster includes doctoral students committed to graduate school success, award-winning nonprofits, state-education agencies, Ivy-League universities, community colleges, local education agencies, high schools, and federal government agencies. We take pride in supporting not just our clients’ work, but their lifelong learning aspirations. We are members of the International Coaching Federation and we abide by their canon of ethics.

Core Values

We pursue our mission through an integrated, holistic commitment to:

research and strategy consultancy


Honesty in all matters.

graduate research consultant

Win-Win Philosophy

We strive to reflect kindness, generosity, and respect in all of our interactions.

Clear and Effective Communication

We actively listen, share, and observe information.

High Performance

We incorporate Lean and Agile principles to build self-directed, cross-functional high performing teams that deliver results.

Just and Joyful Collaboration

People learn best when they collaborate with others. Even our most expert coaches and consultants have something to learn.

Diversity and Inclusion

We prioritize all aspects of diversity, including but not limited to neurodiversity, race/ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, personality types, and thinking styles.

We build power-within first, collectively second, and then we teach others how. At Edlinguist, we want all staff to feel seen, acknowledged, respected, and rewarded for their unique contributions.

Dr. LaNysha AdamsEdlinguist Solutions, Founder

Meet the Team


LaNysha Adams, Ph.D.

Founder & Principal Consultant

academic research consultant

Kristin Kalangis

Chief Learning Officer

research and development consultant

Cherida Boyles

VP Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness

professional research consultants

Porsha Childs, Ph.D.

VP Research & Impact

Edling Interns

Gaby Rusli

Jeremiah Randolph

Expert Research Consultants & Certified Coaches

Micah Jendian

Jennifer Olin

Bianca Jackson

Adrianna Lazzarini McDonald

Candace Robick, Ph.D.

Foster Blair

Angela Lewis

Julienne Smrcka

Accreditations and Affiliations

  • American Evaluation Association 
  • American Educational Research Association 
  • American Association of Applied Linguistics 
  • Association for Strategic Planning
  • CASE Minority Advancement Institute
  • Conference on College Composition and Communication 
  • International Coaching Federation 
  • Linguistic Society of America 
  • Project Management Institute 
  • The Study for the Society of Social Problems 
  • Assessment 24×7 
  • Center for Creative Leadership 
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator 
  • Association for Talent Development 



A weekly curated email of our team’s musings on education and what we can do to make our individual and collective worlds better by honoring cultural and linguistic diversity.