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Story of My Book

My name is Dr. LaNysha Adams and I am the author of It’s All About (Our) Me Power: Reimagining Learning Within & Beyond School. And yes, I will most definitely change this title before the book is finalized.

When people come across the word “empowerment” they often think it’s a thing that can be given, a fair assumption considering the fact it’s meant “the state of being empowered” since its first use in the 17th century. While empowerment is a word that has an extremely broad range of definitions, there is a better definition than the one that denotes giving someone else power or authority. In this book, I define empowerment from a new perspective.

My hope is that, in reading this book, you will learn how to identify and define “me power” and how to exude your me power in everyday life. In It’s All About (Our) Me Power, I hope to instill in you the same sort of passion and excitement that I have for education, which is not just limited to the walls of a classroom or college. Ultimately, I want you to see this book as a tool to help you deepen self-awareness as you change and grow over the course of life.

In It’s All About (Our) Me Power, you’ll hear stories such as how famous and not so famous folks have moved from disempowered to empowered ways of being in choosing the life they want. The most compelling story I share is about Cheryl Rich, who, after becoming pregnant at 11, addicted to drugs, and serving time for a criminal conviction, transformed herself by tapping into “me power” and used this to chart a different course for her life. Cheryl is now a clinical psychologist and executive producer helping others transform trauma and fears into living a life of joy and fulfillment.

The goal of this book is to jolt you into owning your “me power” while recognizing that you have everything you need inside as foundational to partnering with others so that we can co-construct a better world.

It’s All About (Our) Me Power: Reimagining Learning Within & Beyond School is a nonfiction book that speaks to parents, high school teachers, and higher education professionals who want to look at education and empowerment in a new way.

You will love this book if you:

  • a) are looking for a clear definition of empowerment
  • b) need a structure to either answer or help others answer the perennial question, “Who do I want to be?” and
  • c) are in the business of empowering (yourself) and/or others to have agency in their lives.

The Book: It’s All About (Our) Me Power

It’s All About (Our) Me Power: Reimagining Learning Within & Beyond School is written in three parts.

Part 1 defines “me power.” We will unpack its meaning in relation to its commonly used counterpart, “empowerment,” to understand how it has become an overused word devoid of its essential meaning. A key aspect of defining what me power is requires covering what it is not, addressing the very real and disempowering effects of limiting circumstances, oppression, and self-doubt.

Part 2 outlines the five principles of me power and provides you with identification techniques for (re)discovering power within yourself. The five principles of me power provide a framework as we learn to tap into our inner power and unleash it in our pursuit to become better versions of our most authentic selves.

Because action emanates from principles, in Part 3 we outline how to AMP up and showcase your me power to the world by becoming aware, exploring, and applying knowledge of self through three states of production: Accountability, Mastery, and Productivity (AMP). You cannot AMP up without me power.

How to Get Your Signed Copy Before Everyone Else

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LaNysha Adams, Ph.D.

Author LaNysha Adams, Ph.D.

LaNysha Adams, Ph.D., an award-winning education consultant with professional expertise in applied linguistics/TESOL, coaching, and research methodology, owns and operates Edlinguist Solutions LLC. After teaching and conducting education policy research for more than 15 years, Dr. LaNysha Adams was inspired to create a company that promotes educational freedom as a way for students at every educational level to showcase their "me power" for achieving success as they journey through life. She loves to discuss all things "me power" and her first book, "Empower is Me Power" will be published by New Degree Press in late Spring 2022. When she’s not running after her one-year-old and three-year-old sons, Dr. Adams is in pursuit of quality espresso and visiting the last six states before she's seen all fifty.